REX Protocol Preparing to Bring in the New Era of Real Estate via Web3

Original Article: REX Protocol Preparing to Bring in the New Era of Real Estate via Web3

REX Protocol has begun their journey in the real estate community with the goal of bringing liquidity and accessibility through web3, thus aiming to become one of the most impactful projects of recent history.

Real estate is considered one of the safest investments and hedges against inflation within the financial markets – also popular for the passive income it can provide. Until now, however, investing in real estate has been inaccessible to many due to the high barriers to entry, such as high costs and geographic boundaries. Additionally, the major drawback that has plagued the real estate market is its lack of liquidity, where owners can often wait months and even years to sell their properties.

REX Protocol aims to remove the barriers to entry while increasing liquidity across the market. Owners of real estate can easily tokenize their properties and trade them (or a fraction of them) on an exchange with buyers around the world.

“Using our tokenization and exchange platform, real estate owners will now have instant liquidity on a global cryptocurrency-based real estate exchange; something that has never been available to the public in the past,” founder Constantino Heredia added.

Buyers from around the world will not only be able to pick and choose their ideal real estate portfolio, but also choose ETF-like tokens that track the real estate market as a whole or even sub-markets. The global real estate market will be accessible without the high barriers to entry, the lengthy and complicated negotiation processes, and the selection of single faceted REITs.

Using REX Protocol’s exchange will be as easy to use as any other cryptocurrency exchange. You have the familiar functionalities you’re used to, such as limit and stop orders, but with properties instead of traditional cryptocurrencies.

The current real estate market is a slow, illiquid, and inefficient marketplace. When it comes to real estate transactions, there is normally a lengthy process that includes using brokers, a long price discovery and listing period, an invasive due diligence process, and a complicated closing process.

REX Exchange provides the solution to all of these issues. Through a cryptocurrency based real estate exchange, a property can be listed and traded in a matter of seconds.

About REX Protocol:

Through web3, the REX Protocol platform will be able to provide fungible real estate tokens that will be able to provide constant price discovery, use arbitrage to close market gaps, provide a hedge against inflation, and open investment vehicles that have never before been available to the world.

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