How it Works

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For Sellers

Using our tokenization platform, property owners will be easily able to turn their real estate holdings into a fungible token. With that token, the seller can then list on REX Exchange and sell off any portion of their real estate assets in the open market.

At a minimum, in order to tokenize their property, owners need to submit: all of their property’s details, proof of ownership, future plans for the property, and build a personal profile. Once all of the documents are submitted and verified, an operating agreement will be sent out for signature and the owner will be able to issue tokens representing his property on the REX platform.

Using our tokenization and exchange platform, real estate owners will now have instant liquidity on a global cryptocurrency-based real estate exchange; something that has never been available to the public in the past.

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For Buyers

Forget about the high barriers to entry in the global real estate market, the lengthy and complicated negotiations, and the pre-selected single faceted REITs. Buyers from around the world are now able to pick and choose their ideal real estate portfolio.

Using the REX exchange will be as easy as any other cryptocurrency exchange. You will have the familiar functionalities you’re used to such as limit and stop orders, but with properties instead of traditional cryptocurrencies.

When logging into the exchange the buyer can choose from a plethora of properties of varying types and styles, from single family homes to retail shopping centers, office buildings, industrial warehouses and much more. All the buyer has to do is choose how much of each property they want to allocate to their portfolio.


For the Market

The current real estate market is a slow, illiquid, and inefficient marketplace. There is usually a lengthy process in a real estate transaction that involves the use of brokers, a lengthy price discovery and listing period, long and invasive due diligence, and a complicated closing process.

REX Exchange provides the solution to all of these issues and more. Through a cryptocurrency based real estate exchange, a property can be listed and traded in a matter of seconds.

Using crypto, the REX platform will be able to provide fungible real estate tokens that will be able to provide constant price discovery, use arbitrage to close market gaps, provide a hedge against inflation, and open vehicles that have never before been available to the world.